Reliable Quality

We believe providing value to our customers will result in the best evaluation.

FA cables, although relatively inconspicuous at first glance, play an important role that could be described as the “blood vessels and nerves” of the production line, supplying power and control signals to industrial robots. It is not too much to say that in addition to the correct transmission of electric power and signals, a higher level of industrial strength directly contributes to the operating rate. The provision of the best products at the right time when our customers need them is our mission as an electric wire/cable manufacturer. We provide products that can benefit our customers over the long term, not just the short term. We always consider what the true value is for our customers and insatiably continue to work on the provision of value. We believe the accumulation of such efforts will result in great trust. We will continue to faithfully provide the value demanded by our customers under the corporate principal of being trusted by our customers.

We deliver products/services that are truly needed by our customers.

The capabilities demanded of FA cables are becoming increasingly diversified and sophisticated, and include characteristics such as flexibility, flex resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, flame resistance, noise resistance, vibration resistance, twisting resistance, abrasion resistance, cold temperature flexibility, low dust generation property and coolant resistance. Furthermore, demand for environmentally-friendly cables has increased in recent years, being triggered by the expansion of environmental conservation activities. Under such circumstances, we rapidly worked on high-mix, small-lot production and established development/production systems that enable us to respond to the various needs of FA sites with pinpoint accuracy. Simultaneously, we promoted the review of the production control system including a reduction in lead time in cooperation with our in-house factories and affiliated factories, thereby working hard to provide services featuring high quality, quick delivery and high added value.

Offering BEST WARE with the best technology