Doing our utmost

We will continue to work on improving, placing the highest priority on independence and discipline.

Since our foundation in 1919, we have encountered many challenges. The reason why we have survived to this day is that we have been following our operating stance of self-reliance and believing in our potential to do our best under any circumstances. It is natural that the external environment changes according to changing circumstances, but we will continue to improve on the best technologies and pursue the best products while carefully keeping an eye on such changes. Also, we will continue to consider what the true value is for our customers in our tireless effort of providing value. Precisely because we have been placing the highest priority on independence and discipline, we feel confident that there are many customers who have supported us, thereby enabling us to survive to this day.

We have acquired certification for various global standards and are working on providing the value that meets the needs of the times.

We have acquired certification for the UL Standards (U.S.A.), CSA Standards (Canada), DEMKO Standards (Denmark), VDE Standards (Germany), SAA Standards (Australia), CCC Marking Regulations (China), TR-CU Certification (Russia), etc., in addition to <PS> E (Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act, Japan). We support the global business expansion of our customers through the robust quality achieved by conforming to global standards.

Offering BEST WARE with the best technology