FA Cables


Together with the evolving production technologies of our customers, we are developing/expanding our lineup of cable products

FA cables, which deliver energy and information to production equipment and manufacturing robots, are also described as the “blood vessels and nerves” of production sites. Along with the sophistication of production technologies, the needs for FA cables are also becoming increasingly diversified and sophisticated. As a result of being continuously involved in the development of products best suited to individual customers, our FA cables have evolved into a wide-range of models, and we are consistently working on the development of products responding to new needs even today. In recent years, we have focused our efforts on the development of hybrid cables for power and information applications by fully utilizing the expertise cultivated through the development of information and communications cables. We have acquired many international certifications and are expanding the business of global-standard cables. We thus offer products, including environmentally-friendly eco-cables, that conform to the requirements/applications of the times.

List of FA Cables

  • FA Network Cable series

    This cable is for use with various open networks, including CC-Link and DeviceNet.

  • KVC・KDF Series

    KVC・KDF cable series are less than 100V voltage rating cable for factory and office.
    KVC, KDF cable is a cable superior in the durability.

  • VCT(600V) Series

    VCT cable series are 600V voltage rating cable for factory and office.

  • VCTF(300V) Series

    VCTF cable series are 300V voltage rating cable for factory and office.
    Kuramo can offer eco cable ( Halogen free cable) with special order.

  • Global Standard Cable Series

    Global Standard Cable Series are cable which got the with certification from the certification organization as <PS>E, UL, CSA, CE. DEMKO. VDE. CCC

Technical data

  • Kuramo offers some informations such as wiring techique, test method and standard.