List of FA Cables

FA Cables

KURAMO offers various type of FA cables, such as ones designed for VCT(600V), VCTF(300V), KVC・KDF、Global-standard cables and FA Network cables for factory automation and robot.

ポイントFA Network Cable series

FA Network Cable series are high-speed Network cable between the equipment and the equipment. For example CC-Link, DeviceNet and so on.

ポイントJapanese specifications

ポイントVCT(600V) Series

VCT cable series are 600V voltage rating cable for factory and office.

ポイントVCTF(300V) Series

VCTF cable series are 300V voltage rating cable for factory and office.

Kuramo can offer eco cable ( Halogen free cable) with special order.

ポイントKVC・KDF Series

KVC・KDF cable series are less than 100V voltage rating cable for factory and office.

KVC, KDF cable is a cable superior in the durability.

ポイントGlobal Standard Cable Series

Global Standard Cable Series are cable which got the with certification from the certification organization as <PS>E, UL, CSA, CE.

ポイントWater-Soluble cutting oil resistance Cable Series

The Series are cable suitable for the wiring to the machine tool that Water-Soluble cutting oil is scattered.

ポイントEco cable Series

The Series are Halogen free cable ( non-PVC type).

ポイントCurly cordpdf

The Cable is Curly cord (Spring cable).

ポイントRobot Cable Series

The Series are cable which withstand severe operating conditions such as robot arm or cable carrier.

ポイントTechnical data

Kuramo offers some informations such as wiring techique, test method and standard.